Baby sleep can be tricky...

and confusing, and stressful, and exhausting.

Let me help.

As a Certified pediatric sleep consultant I can support and educate you on your journey towards the goal of lifelong healthy sleep.



I'm Erin Clark, Certified Sleep Consultant.

As a sleep consultant my mission is to bring you powerful knowledge, encouragement and the confidence to get your family sleeping. Restorative sleep for baby is paramount for their development. Sleep for parents is also monumental for making sure your family has the opportunity to function at its highest level. As a Mom of two young kids I know how hard this season of life can be, but sleep doesn't need to be part of that hard.  

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Mila- Mom of Ollie (10 months) 

"Being a new mom has it's overwhelming moments and challenges, but I always felt a sense of relief after speaking with Erin. Her wealth of knowledge, experience, and comforting demeanor always gave me help and encouragement that I needed on those tough days.  It is such a great thing to know someone who genuinely cares and will always make time to help."