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Sleepy Baby

Better Nights,
Better Mornings.

Sustainable sleep solutions & the support you need to rest easy.

Will my baby ever sleep through the night?

At Tiny Dreams, we understand the need for rest. While books, blogs, and advice from your mother-in-law may be helpful, having a consultant walk you through a personalized plan can be the difference between the rest you need to recharge, and months of sleepless nights. Eliminate the guesswork with actionable steps, personalized support, and rest for the whole family.


Let’s face it, a well-rested family is a happy family.

Happy Family

Your Personalized Path
to Better Sleep:

Comprehensive Sleep Evaluation

Personalized (and detailed) Sleep Plan

One-hour consultation to review the Plan and answer all your questions

Strategies to help navigate tricky situations like night waking, morning routines, and naps

Night one text support – walking you through the first night from bedtime until baby falls asleep

2 weeks of daily text support and check-ins as you help your baby create healthy sleep habits 

Daily sleep tracker review

4 phone calls with your Consultant to answer any follow-up questions and help optimize your baby’s sleep

Graduation call


Teach my baby to fall asleep and stay asleep independently

Foster positive and healthy sleep habits that will last a lifetime

Bring back the joy of parenting and ensure my child has the sleep they need

Mother Holding Baby

Hear from Happy Parents

"My 9 month old baby girl was waking up at 4:30am… Every. Single. Day. and I couldn’t figure out why. I spent a whole month trying everything I could think of, with no success - and I was so, so tired. I am very thankful I came across Erin at Tiny Dreams Sleep Consulting. She quickly identified the issues and helped me put together an action plan. Following her recommendations, we saw results right away. Within only 3 days, Izzy was sleeping solidly until 6:15!!! Finally!!! Thank you Erin for helping my baby (and me!) get more sleep!"

Kristen Janssen


It's easy to get started:

We’ll begin the process with a Discovery Call to see if our programs are the right fit for your family. Our goal is to create a sustainable sleep solution that meets your unique needs, and addresses the challenges you’re having.


A lack of sleep impacts your ability to show up as your best self. Let’s make sure you’re getting the sleep you need to enjoy each stage of your child’s development. 


Our comprehensive questionnaire will help us provide personalized advice and actionable steps to teach your baby to fall asleep and stay asleep independently. An easy-to-follow, complete sleep solution, and the support you need every step of the way to live a well-rested life.

30 Minute Support Call


Tiny Dreamers Package
For those 4 months-4 years


Slumberpod Rentals

$45/wknd - $65/wk


Like stories? This one might sound familiar…

You’ve read all the mommy blogs, consulted Google, and received advice from all directions. You’re on information overload and your child is still struggling to sleep for a couple of hours, let alone through the night. You’re frustrated, exhausted, overwhelmed with conflicting advice, and desperate for a good night’s rest.

Sound about right?


I get it, I too was tired of being tired. 

Doing sleep work with my kids was one of the best decisions I ever made for my family. It completely changed parenthood for me, and it can for you too.

My mission as a Certified Sleep Consultant is to empower families with the knowledge and ability to navigate their sleep journey. Having struggled with my son’s overnight sleep for far too long (over a year!) I know how hard it can be to reach out for help. I also know that during that time, I wasn't showing up as my best self because I was exhausted. Oh, the things I would do differently if I could turn back time.


Through my own research, I became fascinated with baby sleep and considered becoming a Consultant. I knew I could offer support to other parents and help guide them through the process. I graduated from the Sleep Consulting Program with Baby’s Best Sleep and knew from my very first client that I’d found my calling. I love building relationships with my clients and can’t wait to help you and your littles get the sleep you deserve.

Trust me, You’ve got this! — Erin

Mother and Baby

Speak With A Sleep Consultant

15 minute discovery calls are a quick no pressure way for us to get to know each other and to discuss your sleep situation! 

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Ready to book? More questions? Contact me below and I'll be in touch! 

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