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Tiny Dreamer

This package is ideal for parents with children aged between 4-23 months. If your child isn't sleeping independently and you're ready to introduce healthy independent sleep skills that will leave everyone sleeping better  this is   is  is a Paragraph. Click on "Edit Text" or double click on the text box to start editing the content and make sure to add any relevant details or information that you want to share with your visitors.* Ask me about 

Mom, Dad & Baby, Happy well rested

What's Included? 
2 weeks of support:

Comprehensive Sleep Evaluation

Personalized (and detailed) Sleep Plan

One-hour consultation to review the Plan and answer all your questions

Strategies to help navigate tricky situations like night waking, evening routines, and naps

Night one text support – walking you through the first night from bedtime until baby falls asleep

2 weeks of daily support, check-ins and solutions to potential bumps along the way. 

Daily review of sleep tracker with feedback

4 phone calls with your Consultant to answer any follow-up questions and help optimize your baby’s sleep

Graduation call

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