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Does A Bath Before Bed Help My Child Sleep?

Updated: Jul 8

a baby having a bath before bedtime
Baby bath

Is there a real reason why a bath before bed might make your kiddo sleep better?

YES! There are a few reasons why a bath can help your babe get a good night sleep!

Do I HAVE to give my kid a bath before bed?

NOPE. Do what works best for you. But let's look at how a bath can be beneficial

  1. Scientifically: Research shows that when your little one is surrounded by warm water their blood comes to the surface of their skin (a process called Vasodilation) When these blood vessels are open and your kiddo leaves the bath, their body temperature will drop. With this cooling of temperature, the pineal glad (located in their brain) releases melatonin naturally which will help your little one fall asleep!

  2. Routine: A gentle bath routine can be a powerful cue that bedtime is approaching. Routine is what helps make kids feel safe and in control, So knowing what comes after bath time is very helpful for children.

  3. Stress Relief: Children, just like adults, can experience stress and anxiety. Bath time provides a quiet and comforting space where your child can unwind and release any built-up tension. The soothing water, along with gentle play & connection with their loved one can alleviate the day's stressors.

  4. Quality Bonding Time: Bath time is an excellent opportunity for quality bonding with your child. Whether it's through splashing and giggles or quiet conversations, these shared moments can help your little one feel safe, loved, and secure, which make's saying "goodnight see you in the morning" a little easier on everyone.

  5. Bedtime Hygiene: Good hygiene is crucial for a peaceful night's sleep. A bath helps remove any dirt and sweat accumulated during the day, ensuring your child feels fresh and comfortable as they snuggle into their pjs.

  6. Bath Products: Consider using lavender-scented bath products. Lavender is known for its relaxing properties and can help your child feel even more at ease. However, make sure the products you choose are gentle and suitable for your child's sensitive skin.

Incorporating a soothing bath into your child's bedtime routine can be a game-changer for both their sleep quality and your own. Remember, consistency is key, so stick to YOUR chosen routine. If you're dealing with bath time struggles, and your kiddo isn't a big fan of the bath, keep reading for some tips that I've had success with in the past!


  • Pompom balls in the bath (use a strainer to get them out afterwards & give them a squeeze, they dry really quickly)

  • Add some glow sticks and turn the lights out! (close supervision required)

  • Give your teething or sick babe a popsicle! Fun for them and WAY less clean up for you.

Don't forget to rotate your bath toys, like you might with your regular toys (BUT ALSO, you don't have to buy any bath toys at all, buckets, cups, washcloths, these are all REALLY fun for kids)

XO Erin

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